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"Mistress! Queen of Demons and Spiders! Lolth! I bring thee a sacrifice!" she hollered, her voice no longer silken but harsh and shrieking as she called out to her deity. She turned to your group, teeth glittering in a sharp smile before a wave of bodies fell upon them.


"Slaughter them all! I'll drink their blood with my supper!" came a booming, flooding voice that seemed to flow over the chamber like spilled wine. Then, the drow followed.


Wave after wave of the determined dark elves attacked. The tight corridors leading out of the hall only made matters worse. The excess of limbs and oversized design of the feline hybrids meant within the fight, they were tripping, stumbling over themselves and wedging their bodies into the slim space.


Nearly everyone was lost to the evil elves within the mountain.


As they crossed into the next region, only three of the original troupe remained.

Written by Picklessauce69 on 21 April 2017


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