Story So Far      Outline

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<p>They come at night. You don't know what they want, and you never have any memory of what they do to you. Who are "they"? That's for the author to decide and will be revealed later in the story. But lately you seem to be regaining the memories of your night time visitors. "They" have stopped visiting, but now your friends are starting to act weird. There's Gassan the Lebanese popular dude, David the coolest guy in school, Pammy the coolest girl in school, Jake the guy whose into the "furry" craze, and you, Daniel</p>


<p>Your friends are different than you remember them to be, but how much can someone change in a weekend? Apparently alot. However there is a reason to their sudden change: they too have been visited by "they". But your friends don't take it as well as you did.</p>


<p>And to make things worse, the abandoned military complex just outside of town was the dare you and your friends were challenged to do. What will you find there? Will there be answers to "they"? </p>