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Daniel's claws were stopped and his feet lifted from the floor from behind. His hand disappeared into a much large one, it wasn't human. It was deep, read diamond-shaped scales. The claws were the size of one of Daniel's fingers. It curved his arm in as Daniel struggled against it. Soon, his arm was tuck under his breast where the other large arm had already picked him up and pinned him.


Not willing to give up yet, Daniel brought his tail around the guy's ankle, sending them both to the floor. The arms still wouldn't let him go. Daniel turned his head mouth open to snap at him and saw a dragon. Shocked Daniel stopped his struggle. The red dragon quickly took advantage and used his own thicker and longer tail to trap Daniel's tail and legs in a coil like a snake. One arm pined under his chest kept Daniel's arm pinned to his sides.


“Good thing you're so tiny,” The red dragon spoke his voice rolling with a thick Australian drawl.


“You should have been here first Matthew.” He snapped. The dragon was Matthew, not the boy?! Daniel was to stunned to voice anything. Unlike his own narrow frame, the one he pressed up against was larger, broader and his rough edges were differently male, and more of a western style dragon, but more importantly male!


“Why are you a guy!” Daniel blurted out while squirming about. He was uncomfortable being this close to him, and the musky scent of his was just plan weird. Daniel sneezed as the dragon coiled around him tighter, stopping even the smallest of movements.


“Happy accident.” He, the doctor shrugged.


“You were once male, I think you should know what will happen if you don't stop your squirming.” Daniel immediately stopped, as Matthew whispered those words in a low vibrating sound at the base of his throat. Now that it was brought to his attention, Daniel noted that under his ass was an another enlarge part of Matthew, that his male part was jealous of and the now female part- Daniel cut of his own thoughts with a turn of his head, facing away from Matthew and look at the Doctor and the suddenly empty hallway. “Good girl,” Matthew leaned back into the hallway wall.


“Simply put I called you here. The dreams were to scare and incite you here.” The Doctor explained.


“Bu-” Daniel voice stopped with a soft 'sh' in his left ear where for whatever reason Matthew leaned his scaled head on, lucky for him; he didn't have horn like Daniel.
“You felt the call. With it the operation was a guaranteed success. I acknowledge it was a painful one.” Daniel glared him down, not wanting Matthew to talk in his ear again. “Now you have a choice. Die-” A large claw lightly made its way around Daniel's neck, causing him to gulp. “Or stay and train with Matthew.”


“Pleasure.” Matthew blew smoke out his nose, causing Daniel to cough; and Matthew to burst into a hissing laugh into the side of his neck.


“We'll even make arrangements to talk to your family and friends.” He shrugged, “Deal?” Like he had a choice, Daniel sighed; going limp in Matthew's arms suddenly tired. It was all too much, and he was done.


“Fine.” Daniel yawned, shaking his head to stay awake and only succeed in hitting Matthew in the nose.


“You'll run on instincts for a while. Sleep. Eat. Kill.” Matthews voice faded out has Daniel's eyes closed, listening to the calming drawl. “ When you wake we'll contact your family and start training. Prepare for hell.” Hell, Daniel thought as his mind simply shut down; didn't he just leave that room? What could be worse?

Written by Psto1464 on 16 April 2019


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