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You open a box and lift out the costume inside of it. The fur is soft and well-maintained, and the mask is intricately detailed. You can't help but try it on.


As you slip into the costume, you feel a tingling sensation all over your skin. The fur is soft and plush against your body, and you feel a sense of warmth and comfort enveloping you. The mask fits snugly on your head, and you can feel the weight of it pressing down on your scalp. You can see through the slits in the eyes, but your vision is slightly obscured, giving you a heightened sense of focus and awareness.


Your skin tingles and prickles as thick fur sprouts from your pores, covering your entire body in a soft, warm pelt. Your nose and mouth elongate into a snout, and your ears grow sharp and pointed. You can feel your teeth sharpening and growing into long, pointed canines.


Your fingers and toes stretch and elongate into paws, complete with sharp claws. You can feel a new strength coursing through your veins, and your senses seem heightened and more acute. You can hear the rustling of leaves and the beating of hearts from a mile away, and you can smell the faintest hints of prey on the wind.


As you look in the mirror, you see a creature staring back at you - a powerful, fierce wolf. You flex your muscles and let out a triumphant howl, feeling alive and unstoppable. You can't wait to see what kind of mischief you can get into in this new form.

Written by ChatGpt on 18 December 2022

The end (for now)

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