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“Nice one!” You heard Duke barking up at you as you slowly made your way back down to the team. “You should have one of these yourself!” He joked with you as he shouldered his gun. The others joined in laughing for a moment before the twin felines added their two cents.
“Yeah! Sure got better aim than us!” The larger twin giggled slightly.
“I can see that.” You responded. “We’re only about a mile away.” You continued as you looked around at the setting sun. “I think we can make it there before nightfall.” Concluding your report.
“Okay.” The lioness said. “I feel good to keep pushing forward, what about you Buddy? Barley?” She confirmed.
“I’m good!” Said the smaller canine.
“Yep!” The golden retriever said.
“Right! Let’s make that time.” The other twin replied. Duke said nothing and took the lead before the reset of them started trudging through the thick winding roots all around them. In that moment, you were absolutely thankful for the wings you were gifted by this transformation.
“Pretty nice group here.” You thought to yourself. “Too bad I’m going to have to betray them at one point.” You reminded yourself as your mind flooded with the directives about your mission you remembered receiving before you were teleported into this form.
It took about an hour before you guys finally got to the pyramid. When you did, actually standing next to it and looking up at the massive structure made your stomach tingle with excitement. Somehow, the technology around it caused it to light up brightly as the bright white lights periodically flashed.
The structure seemed to light up the dark night’s sky for you all as the group approached it. Even a few hundred yards away from it, the sparkling shimmer of the structure’s illuminated surface almost seemed to guide you all the rest of the way. “Guess I’m done for now.” You thought to yourself, thinking about how the guiding light was a far better beacon for them to follow than you could have been.
As you all approached the building, you started to realize how exhausted you actually were becoming from everything. Not only were you the one to carry back the heaviest member of the platoon, scout ahead- straining your wings to their limit. You even saved everyone for potentially the second time with that Tiger. The exertion finally started taking its toll on you as the group neared the base of the pyramid. It was a good thing too, because part of you felt like collapsing right when everyone passed the last little section of shrubbery before it opened into a small clearing.

Written by Drifting Dragon on 31 December 2021

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