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``Why do I have the feeling that I would be the one picked for this task? Maybe I would like to do other actions than to risk my life running around, picking up the shattered remains of gambles and dreams that were scattered about, stories that were never meant to be in the first place'' he told the group, wondering if this would be enough to deter them from any intention they had toward him in the first place.
``Oh Daniel, why do you think that I was talking about you? You know, you should stop thinking the world revolves around you; there are other people that have stories and lives going on, you know. It would be a service for us all if you would stop with this paranoia of yours; there is no plot against you'' said David, pausing for a moment, as if he was searching for a particular idea.
``But you know, you have the talent to pass through this situation without any harm, one that we don't have. We must think about the greater good, although it could seem a bit cold hearted. You see, we must maximize the potential of success of this operation, for we can't risk failure. You wouldn't want it to fail, now would you?'' David added, smiling had him, destroying any possible arguments he could have come up with in the first place.
Guilt, the ultimate weapon in any debate; he could have tried to counter it, but it could have stained his image, a consequence he wouldn't have desired. Anyway, he knew that it wasn't an adventure he wouldn't be able to face; with a little courage and skills, he would face the adversity and triumph, thus bringing back the answers to his friends... or keeping it to himself.
As he left them alone, he focused on his thoughts, wondering on his next destination; they didn't tell him where to go nor give him any clues at all. Perhaps he could go back and ask a question or two, but he had an impression of where it was located; with the visions came a fuzzy background, one that could be the area he would need to reach.
``Eh Daniel, don't forget; you need to investigate a strange building located in the forest in the north. I know, we didn't talk about it, but we assumed you already knew about it, just like we did. But sometimes, you know, we need to repeat the information, to make sure that you will not get lost in this quest or that you share the same info as we do, for it is possible that we didn't share that same vision'' yelled Pammy, making him wonder if this was voluntary or not.
Either way, since he had a destination now, all he had to do was now to find it, before the sun would set, leaving him vulnerable to anything that would thrive in the darkness. He could always run, but what would be the point of such an action, when he could take the bus to get closer without any problem? But funds were running low and the wind was inviting him; perhaps he could put that idea to rest, for now, and embrace the action until he would reach his destination. He could always use that transport to go backā€¦

Written by zanian on 08 July 2014

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