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When you awake the feelings of change are now complete but everyone is staring at you.
"It looks like it was not a tiger vial that she grabbed" one of them says.
"What do you mean?" you ask, your voice sounding strange.
"It was a tigress vial" the tiger says. "I know you were a male human but..."
You look down at your body seeing the lumps on your chest "I'm a girl?" you say in horror. "I'm a girl"
"You're more than that" he says "You're a tigress. "
"Why would she do this to me?" You cry, "what have I done to her?"
"Like we said before, she grabbed a random vial when you stumbled into her lab"
You begin to cry and the tiger offers you a comforting hug before saying "You are one of us now. You're one of the family. We'll look after you".
You accept the hug but don't really believe him.
You are a human trapped in a tiger's body.
Worse then that you are male human trapped in a tigress' body.
You have been robbed of your gender.
You look at your fur again and sob, which turns to a roar of anger.
"What would happen if you injected me again?" you ask.
"No" the tiger replies "One foreign DNA only. Two strands would cause a conflict. Your body would not be able to handle the continuous changes "
"But you don't understand" you say "You've robbed me of my gender. I used to be a man. Now I'm stuck like this!"
The tiger tries to calm you down and eventually the group convince you to come with them. You do not really have a choice.
You walk out of the room and see two long tunnels stretching out in front of you, thirty meters before they turn a corner out of sight.
You are led down the left tunnel and enter a large chamber with a long wooden table, chairs and bookshelves.
"This is our living area" the tiger says "Of course, we all sleep in our respective rooms but we like to eat and relax together here".
You nod and head through a doorway at the far end, a number of small rooms lead off the hallway "These are the tiger rooms. The other animals are more social then us. We are solitary creatures"
You enter your new room and sit on the bed, taking a deep breath. You hug yourself, feeling your two lumps press into your palms. Looking in the mirror you stare at your reflection and try to forget what you see. You're still trying to get your head around what has happened.
You've stolen a few glances at the tigers as they move around. They all seem so carefree and happy, like nothing is wrong in the world. You can't imagine ever being like that again. You lie back on the bed and stare at the ceiling.

Written by Ai Dungeon on 17 February 2021

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