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You get up and do as he asks, silently wondering why a hunter would want you to follow them. Suddenly he leads you to where the Alpha is sitting and motions for you to sit down. You do so, wondering what is going on, but not letting any sign of puzzlement show on your face. The alpha smiles at you and says politely "Would you like some food?" You nod politely in answer and he hands you a large slice of boar on a platter made of clay. He motions for you to eat and you start digging in with gusto. After a few minutes you notice he is watching you and politely ask if something is wrong. He smiles in answer and says "No, I was just wondering if you were willing to join the ceremony this full moon." You think about it then nod and say you may as well to show thanks for all the kindness the village has shown you. He smiles widely then starts eating without saying another word.
As you eat the alpha starts to tell you about governing the village. You listen with rapt attention, enough so that you slowdown in your devouring of the succulent pig. After a few minutes he hands you a cup of wine and takes a drink from his own cup. You take a few sips from it to quench your thirst then set it, and your plate, aside to listen to him talk. Finally he gets up, saying it's late and you nod following his lead, then you head to your separate homes. When you get into your current home you fall asleep with thoughts of whether or not you should stay floating through your head. Your dreams are plagued by instinctual thoughts you've never thought of before, including bearing the alpha's children.
You jerk awake in the middle of the night and shake your head, you were male, right? All your memories say you were male till you got here, so that must be the case. You shake your head and vehemently deny the thoughts your new body is trying to push on you and fall asleep dreaming of your childhood. The next time you awaken it's to find a familiar face leaning over you. The hunter from the night before is gently tapping your cheek trying to convince you to wake up. You slowly shake your head and get up as he says "Hello new comer, only thirteen days left until the full moon. The alpha said we should try to show you as much as possible about our way of life in that time. So today I'm going to show you my brother and I's job."

Written by Jake Shadow Wolf on 17 December 2012

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