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"Thank you!" You smiled eagerly and hugged the tiger without thinking. You felt his warm fur and the strong muscles resting just beneath them. 


The tiger's tail began flicking back and forth, and he appeared rather surprised by your suddenness. He melted into the embrace and accepted it.  "I'll do what I can, tigress," he whispered in your ear.


You closed your eyes and loosened your grip. The tiger simply nudged you closer and allowed you to rest in his lap. His fur was softer than the rocky ground at any rate, and you felt absolutely exhausted. You leaned your back against his chest, feeling extremely tense. The tiger rumbled softly, reaching upward with his paws and massaging your arms. You felt the tension in your body spiking in resistance to his touch. It felt so strange yet comforting at the same time. You could trust this male tiger for the time being, and you yearned for some form of companionship. They had similar goals, and come morning, you'd set off to achieve them. 


"Relax," he purred, moving his paws to your shoulders. 


You pulled your knees closer to your body, curling up in his lap. You tucked your arms against your chest and rested your eyes momentarily. You wouldn't fall asleep here. You were just conserving body heat despite the roaring fire in front of you. Your eyelids felt heavier and heavier, and you were enthralled with the embers' lazy dance. You glanced upward and noticed a tiny opening at the very top of the cave where the sky peeked through. The embers were floating towards the night, glowing bright orange as they lit the way for the others. You felt so tired that there were fiery trails criss-crossing over your vision. Your head lulled backward beneath the tiger's chin, and you began to doze off. 

Written by falconess22 on 31 March 2016

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