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The walls of the stairway down is covered in depictions of rats running along a winding path into the earth. You reach the bottom of the stairs and are immediately attacked by a group of rats.
The creatures are quick and relentless. You fight back but your sword cuts through them with ease and as quick as you can kill them more appear. Each time you strike one, it dissolves into a cloud of dust and blood. You scream in anger as the rats bite and nibble at your feet, climbing up your legs. You try to shake them off but more take their place. You try to ignore the pain that runs through as you kick and stomp at them. This fire beats any of the others you have faced, but your mind is focused on surviving this.
Finally, the rats stop coming and you are left, panting heavily, covered in blood, sweat and tears. With a gasp, you reach a hand to your face. You find it... changed. Hardened. Your fingers are more rigid, blunt, like the claw of a rat your lips have thick fur growing on them.
Your senses are different too, heightened, like the rats that scurried around your feet you can hear the whispers of the shadows from the darkest corners. You can smell the blood of your enemies that stain the walls and floor.
You take a step forward, growing used to your new limbs.
You enter the next room, long, dark corridors stretching out before you. The walls are cold stone, dirty and stained. The blue light of torches illuminates the damp, stone walls, and thousands of beady black eyes stare back at you.

Written by Ai Dungeon on 16 April 2021

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