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You fall asleep in the corner, and there is only the slightest bit of worry that the males will come out while you're vulnerable to do something to you. There's a part of you, perhaps instinct, that knows that they wouldn't. There was something about the way that they spoke, about the way that they sauntered off that tells you they truly believe what they're speaking... that you're going to come to them of your own volition.
You don't know what kind of weird world they come from, but you trust in the fact that you still have your own mind, your own thoughts. Just because you were transformed doesn't mean that you have a different mind and personality than you did prior... and you're going to stick to that strength with all that you have.
That's what you tell yourself, at least.
That's what you tell yourself for the first three days that you are here. You think, for a time, about simply refusing food or water until someone has to come in and explain what's happening... but as soon as you see the meat slid through the feeder in front of you, you feel your stomach rumble. You manage to refuse the first time, and you watch as the males come out and eat; to your chagrin, they leave enough for you, so it tempts you through the night.
The second night though, the keepers of the zoo come and press the food closer to you... and you see that they are the same strange color as everyone else. When you yell for them to explain themselves, they simply walk away.
They don't understand you any more than anyone else does.
Where are you?

Written by Karlyene on 14 October 2020

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