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You see a small statue on one of the shelves, it appears to be a small golden cat.


Picking it up, you feel a slight tingle run through your body. Shrugging it off, you put the statue back. Soon, though, you feel you legs start to cramp up.


You sit down and pull your shoes off to see them cover in short golden fur as they slowly shift. Soon both legs are unrecognizable as your own, and look like those of a large cat, almost the same colour as the statue.


The gold fur spreads it's way up your body to your waist, and a sharp pain marks the arrival of your tail, which rapidly grows from the base of you spine. You swish it from side to side, and marvel at the feeling. The fur continues to spread across your chest and back, and soon travels down your arms.


With some relief you notice your hands aren't changing into paws, but do notice as claws push their way painfully out of your fingertips. Only your head is left, but it too is covered in fur. Your notice your ears begin to grow larger pointy, and grow to the top of your head through your hair, which has turned a slightly darker than your skin. You notice your vision get distorted as your nose and mouth push out into a short cat-like muzzle, with your tongue lengthening to match. The change is nearly complete as your old teeth fall out to be replaced with a much sharper set, and you feel whiskers grow and twitch on the sides of your face.


You look at yourself in a mirror, and notice you look like many depictions of the Egyptian goddess Bast, although your clothing doesn't suit your new form...

Written by Vanghar on 18 October 2006

The wizard appears

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