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During that Monday late afternoon, Jenene was actually excited for once, because she had the safeness of her own home. She didn’t have to worry about the creepy atmosphere or hearing the obnoxious sounds from pet birds. Rita and Curt already left for work and would return late, leaving the house to Jenene. Once she got back from school, she hung out in the kitchen.


Later, she received a text from Mr. Horne, saying that he had an emergency and he wouldn’t come for another two hours. Out of nowhere, Jenene felt that same uneasy feeling. It seemed genuine enough to be a truthful statement, but that weird incident that happened back at his place came rushing back to her….


He’s doing that same thing again he did in the kitchen…


Jenene continued whatever she was doing to wait out the delay….




Thanks to the delay, it was now getting dark. The moon shined through the window as Jenene had already dozed off on the table in the kitchen. Her phone rang.




It was Horne. “Jenene? I’ve been calling you two times now. I’m on my way.”


“Okay. I’ll be at the door when you come.”


Jenene knew that nap was a bad idea, judging from the grogginess she felt. She left the kitchen to turn on some lights. She went out of her front door and was surprised to find an unfamiliar car on the road. Then she quickly realized that this was Mr. Horne’s car. She peeked in a window to see if he was inside…. No one was in there.


“What? Where is he?”


A sharp cry struck through the silent night air, startling Jenene.


Another cry split ears again, “JENENE! Where are you?”


That shriek sounded like it came from her backyard.


Jenene ran into the back. She was surprised to see Horne. He was moving strangely out in the open. The rays of the moon gave the scene in full view. His clothes were in shreds as his body was morphing into something entirely foreign. His muscles grew bigger, and his body stretched in all kinds of ways. His legs burst through his pants, growing thin and changing something similar like bird's feet. Clancy’s chest burst through his top, revealing some kind of black feathers. The man's voice sounded as if it was choking on something until it sounded like a very low crow call.


Jenene screamed as this monstrous transformation took shape, gazing in horror at his current state. He was now around… seven feet, standing on two yellow haunches that definitely belong to a bird. His arms were long appendages with huge feathers making up the wings. His face was beyond recognition, showing nothing but two beady yet threatening red eyes and a large beak filled with spittle. He cawed like a bird with a man’s voice, but it had deeper and more bestial tone. He cawed violently and turned his attention to Jenene….


He walked slowly towards her.


“Jenene…. Don't you run just yet….”


It was the man’s voice, but it wasn't him…. Something monstrous, scratchy, and creepy. Jenene ran to the back door, but damn that it was locked. Clancy flapped his wings and ascended into the air where the girl was seen running.

Written by ovelymars908 on 30 July 2017

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