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Daniel turned to the door and banged the free hand against it. “OPEN!” he screamed. He didn´t want to know the truth behind his dreams anymore. The only thing which he wanted was to get out of there before the men from his dream would come at midnight.


Because no matter that it was just a dream, they always came at midnight. And despite all the logic and rational thinking, Daniel was sure that they would come tonight too, even if he won´t be asleep.


“Open! David! Pammy!”


Not getting any answer, Daniel turned away and in the light of cell phone´s screen, he headed towards the mirror. Hopefully, it was really semi-transparent and there would be another room behind it. He pulled off his jacket and carefully twisted it against his hand to protect it from cutting. Hesitantly, Daniel knocked the covered fist on the mirror and then hit the surface with all his strength. The glass broke and some large shreds fell to the floor.


Daniel carefully looked into the gap and exhaled in relief when he saw that there was indeed a room behind the glass, but it was blissfully empty. He quickly used the rolled up jacket to break more of the mirror until the gap was big enough for him to safely climb through it.


Once in the other room, he noticed that it was much smaller and without any windows. Daniel saw the door on the opposite side and walked right to it. To his relief, it opened easily and he walked though it to an empty corridor.

Written by lulu-illussions on 10 February 2017

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