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As you are flying through the dimension vortex you notice something wrong. Something is on your head that isn't supposed to be! You feel it and panic. It feels as if you have grown horns! Two short ones are on the sides of a much larger one. It isn't heavy, but it is very hard. Seeing a full-body mirror(whats that doing here), you go over to it...


...and scream "What happened to me?"


You have grown a pair of aqua-blue horns with a large crystal-shaped one growing upwards and backwards from your head, adding a solid foot to your height.


Not only that, but your entire body had changed! Your face... your beautiful<span class="male">handsome</span> face has bulged out with a short, white muzzle. The upper half of your face is now blue, with the lower half of it all the way down your chest and all the way down to your calves a pale white color.


You do not recognize your new piercing-red eyes as you run a blue hand over your face. Along with that, your hair has thickened in strength, but it is a violent shade of... purple?! It has gone past your waist and hit your shins.


The rest of your new body is a deep-blue shade, hairless and smooth. Other than your body, eye and hair color, the only things that has changed in your appearance is your muzzle and the three horns atop your head.

Written by shadowlugia249 on 10 June 2007

The end (for now)

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