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“During the last months it has been repaired and fitted with our most advanced arcane technology and now we will send it direct to Hell and attack the enemy homeland!”


“Hell yeah!” David shouted, perfectly echoing your own reaction.


In all Shell Shock missions so far the fight had been confined to Earth itself, mostly fighting over the ruins of cities and the new fortified settlements. Even though the portals to Hell were a common sight amidst the demonic hives it was impossible to cross them. Or, at least it had been so far. This was the first mission that had ever involved an offensive straight into Hell.


“As soon as the Nimitz crosses into Hell,” Connor went on, “it will begin a full scale invasion, we will have full support from the artillery positions on Earth using trans-dimensional ammunition, but we will not have any reinforcements unless we can conquer one of the portals. That’s our primary objective, don’t try to kill every enemy you see. Focus on your objective.”


The Grand-Wizard began to show some photos taken by the clairvoyants. What little you could see of the city showed a true fortress inhabited by what appeared to be thousands of demons, there were defensive positions and gun emplacements almost as if waiting for you.


“Damn, that will be awesome!” Gassan says. “Try not to run too far from me, the place looks like a maze.”


“At least we will not see any Juggernaut around here.” David celebrates.


“Huh,” Pammy says. “Why do you think so?”


“Those things are made with part of battleships, so they should only exist on Earth.”


“Don’t count on that,” Jake replied. ”Who knows what these creatures really look like under all that armor, maybe we will find some of them in their natural state.”


“That would be interesting,” Pammy agrees.


“Don’t jinx it!” David complains.


The screen changed this time to reveal the inside of the giant carrier filled with troops, military and arcane hardware, all kinds of war machines and all the chimeras they could cram inside the ship. You see the elevators working non-stop to take the flying chimeras and the compact fighters to the launching ramps.


You suddenly see yourself in control of your gryphon being lifted to the main deck of the carrier, dozens of other chimeras getting ready to launch, most of them are the big fighting dragons, but you see at least four others gryphon and some other exotics creatures that were added on the latest patches.

Written by Ashley-natter on 18 November 2016

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