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You look around at the place and down at your new assets wondering what to do. Well first you probably need to get some clothes. Nearby up the mountain you spot a small hut, with a small thin smoke trail coming out of it.


You head up the trail feeling the wing through your fur and feathers. You are a bit confused and then you remember the wings on your back. They seem to be too small to give you enough lift.


Anyway soon you have reached the hut and you knock on the door. The door opens and you see a human inside who immediately kneels in front of you. "Goddess, how honored I am you choose to visit me"
You look back at the human in puzzlement. "Uh..hi. I was just wondering if you had any spare clothes i could have."
He looks up puzzled "But Godesses don't wear clothes, unless you're not one?"
"No. I once was a normal human. I somehow was changed into this form. I just wanted something to cover myself. Decency and all that."
"Ah you have been chosen by her, decency for those chosen like you have a very different set of rules then humans"
"Oh, is that so. I'm guessing she up in the temple up there.
"No but that is one of hers. She sends people like yourself rather then come herself."
"Ah, so i'm more like an avatar of her?"
"Most likely, if you used to be human"
"Then i guess i should head up there now?"
"Up to you, but ... I don't think it is a good idea"
"Why is that? If it's her temple......"
"Yes but the priest there will try to keep you in the temple not allowed to come out. If you had an avatar in your temple lots of people would flock to the temple"
"So it's a power thing. That makes sense, if i could only talk with this goddess who i'm supposed to represent."
"Yeah, the only way I know is prayer and she doesn't talk back"
"That won't work, i need to talk to her. Maybe if i prayed to her she would respond to me."
"Possibly, couldn't hurt to try."
You bow your head and pray to the goddess of which you know not the name, but you are certain she would know that you're praying to her.
You ask what she wants but you hear no response and after a while you get up.
"So what do I do now? and what about the rules for clothing?"
"Well mostly she is naked but their are some branches that portray her with bridle and saddle. I don't think you want to wear them"
You raise your eyebrows at the last statement. "No i certainly do not want that."
"They are mostly with a warrior on her back defeating various monsters"
"That's not bad, but i personally would not like that. Looks like the only choices for me are to wander around the mountain or head up to the temple anyways."
"You can go down into the village. You should be treated well down there"
"There's a village. Guess I didn't really look behind me. I think that would be a good idea. I guess then I'm off. Thank you so much for your help."


"No problem, always happy to help the gods"

Written by on 01 January 2016

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