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With a jolt, the waiting screen began to fade away quickly around you. The pixels of the open field, each blade of grass began to whiten until nothing. Your eyes jolted around side to side, seeing the selections start to turn into the same white nothingness.


"I guess I picked something?!" you tried to shout, but nothing came out as suddenly the whole world was flashing away. The comforting, fluttering motion of the grass was rapidly replaced by a whirring, whistling wind that shrieked in your ears.


"Ah!" Your hands jerked instinctively, trying to grab your headphones down from your head, but instead, you just saw your generating body flutter in front of your face. "Why!? Why am I trapped? How am I trapped?!"


You squinted, noticing something in the fleeting glimpse of your hands as they shifted around the fringe of your vision. You raised them once again, suddenly dropping your bottom jaw.


Instead of the familiar shade of your flesh and the simple, smooth surface of your skin your fingers were coated in short, velveteen strands of fur. "W-what..." you muttered to yourself, lifting your gaze up with building confusion.


All around you, the new location, the new world had filled in. Instead of grass, thick and crumbling dirt filled in the ground around you. Rocks were stacked in random, falling piles at different splashes across the dark, dank terrain. Pockmarks were twisted in the dirt, dragging out deep scars in the earth as dust whispered and skidded across the nearly flat landscape.


Above, dark clouds swirled like vultures through the sky. Gray fringed all edges cut the cloud out from the equally bleak sky they floated against. You furtively glanced around, feeling a tingly, nagging feeling of danger at your back.


With a squawk, a creature lunged out from behind you. Stepping back and turning, your legs seemed to roll together. Something usually so natural, so effortless and smooth became a challenge as you looked down to see four legs swimming beneath your furred torso.


"W-what the fuck!?"




You flinch, an electric jolt zapping your shoulder at the sound of the bird startling you. You swat at it, noticing the claws that mark the end of each of your slender, furry fingers. "Aha, a weapon at least!"


"Take that!" you shout, throwing another swatting punch at the depressive crow until it fluttered off into the dark sky, leaving you huffing and confused.


"What am I?"


Your usual legs had been utterly changed. No longer did you see the round of your knee and two regular length shooting down to your feet. Now there was two sets of legs beneath you, both of them entirely drenched in the thick orange fur that covered every finger as well.


"S-so... what?" You tried to run through the list of animals you knew. "Tiger?" You spotted the telltale stripes curling towards your backside around a thigh. "B-but tigers don't have so many... limbs?"


"That's because you're a Chakat-"

Written by Picklessauce69 on 13 November 2016

Both Friend and a town

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