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“Cid?” You utter his name softly, drawing back slowly from the embrace. “Do you really mean it when you say you’re going to come out to the ocean to meet me? How on earth will you find me? The ocean is a wide, blue world after all.” Your smile fades into a frown.


“What if we met at the same time each day?” Cid suggests, a grin appearing on his face. “We could meet when the sun is at it’s zenith… at the cave! Where the glowing rocks are!”


This seems to be an acceptable solution to the problem at hand. At least then you can be sure that you wouldn’t be looking for each other and swimming around lost.


“I’ll make sure to stay close then.” You promise.


“It’s a date~” Cid says jokingly, drawing back as well. “I hate to run, Sleek, but I should probably head home for today. I’ve been out here most of the morning so I’m sure my folks are probably starting to get a little anxious.”


You feel a flutter of uncertainty cross your mind once more. You don’t want Cid to leave, especially since he is your first friend in this form. If he doesn’t return home though his parents might think something bad happened to him. What if more humans came looking for him, found you, and hunted you down thinking you kidnapped him or something? No, you think, that wouldn’t do at all.




Though you know you need to let Cid go you can’t help but want to stay near him. Again you look off towards the town, feeling yourself torn between going with Cid, just for a couple minutes, and waiting for him until tomorrow.


Written by HiddenFruit on 26 August 2017

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