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“The kid deserved it. They were disrupting the class. Raising their hand and they didn’t know the answer.” other children in the room reacted with a silent gasp; everyone’s eyes were on you. Tiny snickers echoed through the small crowd in and out like a crashing shoreline, some covered their smiling mouths as to not get in trouble as well, others took no mind, and a few watched stalwart- still faced; unmoving like a statue.
“It is a teachers’ job to instill the courage and confidence in children such that they can formulate an answer.” The words she was saying were diplomatic enough- even reasonable, to your standards. Yet the searing harsh tone she used to address you had actually done a lot to hurt your self esteem. She continued “How do you expect someone like you to raise our future generation? You’re aware of that right? That these children are like sponges for KNOWLEDGE, and if you’re just going to treat them with IGNORANCE then they will turn out IGNORANT!”
By this time, her voice had raised into a loud cacophony of sound, you shrunk with your ears laid hard- flat against your head; your tail tucked between your legs, and the way she came at you caused the adrenaline to rush through your veins. “What kind of example are you showing for these little FUCKS” even the students had grown silent as the older woman’s face became veiny and rigid as her blood pressure spiked.
Suddenly, a high pitched voice rang out across the room, it was the child. He had
successfully grabbed the attention of every soul in the room, his eyes were welling with tears, and his breathing was labored and sporadic; the young child was mid bawl, and the negative energy was only making things worse.
“MY PARENTS WILL HEAR ABOUT THIS” the young Spaniel stomped his footpaws. “THEY WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU. THEY WILL TAKE CARE OF THIS WHOLE SCHOOL” in that moment, the administrator’s attitude appeared to shift completely.
“Listen my dearie, there is nothing to fea-” yet her gentle tone was interrupted by the surprisingly heavy stomping of the small child’s tantrum.
“NO NO NO CALL MY MOMMY CALL MY DADDY!” he continued to cry out. Fluids drained from his crying face, and the older woman picked him up, trying her best to pacify him. She left carrying him out, calming him, yet he pushed her away hard, falling to the ground once more. The child ran off screaming and crying, making a scene; moments before the middle aged woman left, she gave you angry eye contact, and you knew that was it for you.
Later that evening, you find yourself in a board meeting with the highest ups in the company.
“You are not aware of how much of a liability you are. And to the child of such an esteemed and long-time donor of the company! Disgraceful...” You held your head down in shame, there was no use in protesting this, it seems as if your false confidence had run out. “There’s nothing left to say really. We can’t do anything else with you. Please just don’t come back lest the company take legal actions.” you left the room, as well as the whole campus, unable to return to where you were once before.
Finding yourself out on the streets in a strange place, unable to do anything, and completely lost, you ended up hopelessly homeless, shifting from shelter to shelter like a dirty mutt. You spent most of your time regretting the decisions that brought you here, but you still struggled every day for survival, even if it was completely futile.
“Oh, what you would do to have the chance to change things.” You thought to yourself, as you shivered, wet, and nodding to sleep under a bridge.

Written by Driftingdragon on 07 June 2021

The end (for now)

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