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The world turns black for what seems ages before you awake, you appear to be in a small room. The morning sun starts to work it’s magic, lighting up a barn. Assy is there waiting for you.


“You died right?” she asks offering a hand for you to get up.


You nod still confused about exactly how you got here and accept the hand as you pull yourself up.


“It is simple, we are in a land where death is only a short inconvenience. On the next morning you will recover at your respawn point. This barn is one of the free respawn points. Mostly taurs and quadrupeds here rather than bipeds. And only the big ones. If you want to respawn elsewhere you will need to rent a room. If you want to get close to a friend, the normal rules do not apply. Oh and you might want to get more equipment if you want to go back out. That stuff does not respawn with you.”


You gulp and look over your body. While the fur covers everything, that is all you now own. Your sword armor and bags are all gone.


Written by Catprog on 02 November 2017

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