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“Okay…” he obeyed and sat at the empty place in the circle. “What now? Will you tell me what´s going on? You said that you had the same dreams-”


“Those weren´t just dreams,” Gassan interrupted him. “You know that, don´t you?”




“You must admit that normal dreams aren´t like that,” Jake tried to persuade him. “It was more like visions. Like something that really happened.”


“Nonsense!” Daniel jumped up and glared at his friends. “You´re just trying to prank me or something. Just because I had a few weird dreams…” but even as he was saying it, Daniel knew that his friends were right. The midnight visitors weren´t just some dream, there was more behind it and he couldn´t wait to find out what it was. There just had to be some rational explanation.


“You said Dare,” Pammy said resolutely. “So we´ll play Dare.”


Daniel looked around his friends, meeting the same expressionless stare no matter where he turned. It was troubling him, but he didn´t see another solution than play along.


“All right.”


“We dare you to go to the abandoned military complex outside of the town,” David decided. “You must go there at the midnight and spend there one hour.”


“But why?”


“Because we need to know who They are,” Pammy said. “You had the same dream, Dan. Don´t tell me that you don´t want to know what it meant.”


“Well, I do,” Daniel said hesitantly. “But we can go to the military complex during day, can´t we?”


“But They won´t be there during the day,” Gassan said very quietly. “They come there only at night.”

Written by lulu-illussions on 14 October 2016

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