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“There, I completed the job,” you exclaim upon your entry. “Can I please get paid now?”


The man looks at you with mild amusement and then pulls out a small sack of coins. Once he opens it, they all float into your satchel and you turn to leave, but something stops you. The man is looking at your wound and frowning, which is very unexpected. You didn’t think the NPCs could even notice something like that.


“There is an infirmary two streets over. The medics there will be able to heal you. I would suggest that you don’t waste any time.” With that advice, he turns back to the scroll and ignores you as you walk out.


While you hope that it won’t be too expensive, getting help still seems more appealing than waiting to see what happens when you run out of health. The infirmary is easy to find because it has a large sign hanging above it that depicts a large red cross like most hospitals in the real world have. You walk in and find that the interior of it is very clean and like all the other buildings you have been in, it has a clerk waiting for you behind a counter.


The nurse there takes one look at your arm and then points to a door to her right. You want to ask her how much this will cost but before you can even open your mouth, a wave of pain more powerful than any previous sensations courses through you. That is more than enough to convince you to walk through the door and get treatment.


As soon as you walk in, you find yourself walking back out into the waiting area. When you look at where the cuts were before, you see that your arm has returned to normal. Well, normal for the game, anyway. You cannot remember undergoing any form of treatment, but because you are healed, you assume that this is just how the game works.


There is no pop-up that asks you to pay for whatever has just happened, meaning that it must be free. Those are good news for you since you still don’t have a lot of money.

Written by Quuentong on 25 September 2018

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