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You yelp in pain, before headbutting him in the nose. He shouts in pain and staggers back. You leap forward, propelling yourself off his shoulders and away from the rest of the group. You quickly scamper up a wall and grab onto a ledge, pulling yourself up. You crawl along the ledge to safety and hide, watching the group.
"Coward! Are you a lion or a woman? Come back so we can finish this!" the first man shouts.
You ignore him, continuing to crawl until you reach the end of the hallway. You quickly find a door and open it, heading inside and closing it behind you. You find yourself in some sort of storage room, filled with boxes of food. You quickly shuffle through them, looking for something to help you survive.
Their is a knock on the door. "This is security. Can we come in?"
"Come on in, it's open!" you reply.
The door opens and three security guards enter, wearing the standard armor of a white shirt, black pants and armor, with a shock stick and laser gun.
"Are you ok?" one of them asks you.
"Yes. Those boys were bullying me!" you say.
"We'll deal with them later, are you hurt?"
You shake your head.
"Thank you for not using your claws. That means a lot less paperwork for us and we can let you go much sooner" The guard says with a smile.
"You're letting me go?" you ask incredulously.
"Sure! We can't hold you for very long if you didn't hurt anyone. I'm sure you can imagine that people get upset when we lock them up without a very good reason."The security officers take you back to the main area. Most of the people their look relieved to see you back and unharmed.
One of the security offices buy you a drink and get you settled down. "We have the gang on video so they will not bother you again" he says "Also we can press charges against them so they will be in jail for a long while"
You take the drink from him and gulp it down. You feel the alcohol calm you from your panic.

Written by Ai Dungeon on 31 March 2021

The end (for now)

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