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“Daniel,” Aria said, snapping him from his daze. She was eyeing him again, her expression almost unreadable. “I… I know this is very sudden and strange to you, but, I cannot help but feel this… desire. I feel like there may be something of a future for us just by being in your presence, although it could be how maddeningly good you smell that’s making my head all fuzzy.”


Daniel was, honestly, a bit flattered. It wasn’t often a guy like him got complimented by a woman for his scent, and he wasn’t even wearing any cologne or body spray.


“Not like that,” Kura muttered. “It’s your natural musk, mixed in with mine.”


‘Don’t ruin the moment,’ Daniel thought. Kura snorted in response.


Aria inched closer to him. “I… would like to know if you’d be open to seeing what can come of things between us. Again, I know it’s sudden, and I’m a stranger to you, as you are to me.” She smiled. “But I can teach you, and show you, this new world we’ve entered. I can help you experience everything this new body and these new abilities has to offer, since I’ve been living like this for two years.”


Daniel considered it. “But…?”


“But…” Aria’s eyes smoldered. “I want you to be mine. And only mine.”


Daniel swallowed the lump that formed in his throat.


“I have this urge,” Aria said. “This incredible, almost painstaking urge, to make you mine. Not necessarily in the romantic sense, but… definitely in the sense that you would only spend time with me, and not other kitsune. I assume your partner has told you what it entails?”


“Sort of,” Daniel said. “I, uh… I don’t know how to answer. I mean, I’m not really into BDSM stuff, so, I don’t know if I’d like it.”


Aria actually giggled at this. “N-no, it’s not… It’s not like that.”


Kura, however, in his mind said, “Not quite, but, I wouldn’t exactly say ‘no’ to having such a gorgeous kitsune on top of us…”


Daniel was blushing deeply now. ‘Dude. Not helping.’


“I bet she’s hot in human form, too,” Kura continued, clearly amused.


Daniel would probably be scarlet were he in human form himself.


“At any rate,” Aria said, dithering somewhat. “I offer you a choice: allow me the privilege of claiming you, and in exchange, not only will you be safe and have a valuable teacher with a lot of experience, but…” She gave him a more tender look. “You’ll have a dear friend, and a protector, Daniel.”


Daniel honestly felt like he’d fallen down a rabbit hole in some weird part of the internet. Yet despite that, he was… considering.

Written by Hollowpages on 27 September 2019

The end (for now)
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