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6 people are deposited on an island.


The 1st night someone accidentally activates a barrier.


In the tv studio the producers quickly realise that they can't get anybody out or in but the automatic cameras' signals are still working. They decide to relabel the show as fiction.


Now which character do you wish to start with?

Written by catprog on 17 December 2000

Eric, just your Average Joe. emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

You were trapped, and alone, on this stupid island. Great.


Honestly, your life had been pretty boring. Enrolling on this TV show was probably the most exciting thing you had ever done. You hadn’t even expected to get on it, you had expected you would just be rejected.
“Sorry Eric, but you’re just not the kind of person we’re looking for.”


Yet no. Apparently the general public wanted to watch a guy that looked like he should be working in accounting be on a show like this. You weren’t about to complain. You had been single for several years now, so maybe this little gig would help net you some romance again…


You were left to find some way to the others, and so you pulled yourself up off the grass, and stumbled away from the blue-tinged barrier. From the looks of it, you had been split off from the others in a grassy, circular field, which was surrounded by dense emerald trees. Overhead, the sun beamed down obnoxiously.


Looking around frantically, you decided on a good route

Written by vanillametal on 01 February 2016

Through the nearby jungle emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

Inside, among the tall, leafy trees, the air was stifling, and far too hot to be comfortable. Your back was sweating, and the moisture was soaking through your white shirt, and under your arms. You felt gross, the weather back home was never anything like this.


Also, this place seemed pretty tropical. You were watching where you walked with paranoia, worried that some kind of giant spider might jump out of nowhere and latch onto your ankle when you least expected it. Typical, irrational fear.


Luckily, nothing like that happened, but you did have to stop by a small body of sapphire water, and have a drink. It looked clean enough, you could see your reflection clearly in it. Honestly, you looked a little haggard, with dishevelled brown hair, and a tired face. You were an average looking guy. Nothing impressive.


Anyway, this water was probably safe…


Written by vanillametal on 02 February 2016

Have a drink. emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

You cupped some water in your sweating palms, and lifted them to your mouth, parting your lips and drinking. The taste was surprisingly bitter, and you immediately spat it out, shooting up to your feet and wiping your lips with the back of your hand.


“What the hell!?” You grit your teeth and spat a bit. Repulsive…was it really filthy or something? It looked spotless…


Having no choice but to keep going and hope you came across some water that wasn’t disgusting, you stumbled along between the trees, nearly tripping over the sprawling roots more than a couple of times. In fact, when you tried to hop over one, the toe of your boot caught on it, and you were sent plummeting face first against the grass.


Luckily, you had landed in an open clearing. Something very unlucky was about to happen to you though…


Written by vanillametal on 03 February 2016

Something happens. emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

While you were trying to get back up on your feet again, you suddenly felt a sharp shock go through your body, something which caught you off guard, jolted you, and caused you to fall back down to the grass again.


For a moment, you were limp. You stared at the dirt under your nose, and breathed out in a shudder. Your body suddenly felt supremely strange, like no sensation you had ever had before.


“Sh-shit…” You coughed out, and tried to pull yourself along, find something to haul yourself to your feet. Yet as soon as you pulled yourself forth an inch, there was a sound like something splitting. You realised it was the back of your trousers, and no, you hadn’t stretched them too far while crawling.


Something was coming out. Something long and furry, of a dark tan colour and black stripes. A tail. It just popped out of your behind like ‘hello!’, and as you craned your neck round to see it, you couldn’t believe your eyes. Still lying there, you watched it start to flick back and forth in an erratic blur, responding to how on edge you were feeling.


Managing to pull yourself to your feet, you clutched your buttocks, and slowly trailed your hands towards the base of the tail. You pulled the furry appendage round and in-front of you, so you could examine it, stroke it. When you tugged it, it made you yelp.


This thing was attached to you!


Written by vanillametal on 04 February 2016

It doesn emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

Right now, you were terrified. You had just sprouted a tail of all things! At least you were able to walk again, but your problems were far from over.


Next, you felt your shirt begin to stretch out, the fabric straining as your chest began to bulge. Something dark started to show through the white material, and you gasped as you saw the matter spread out and up your neck. It was fur! Black and orange fur, starting to coat your skin. It felt like being tickled, as it bristled out, and you twitched a bit.


Soon enough, you were covered head to toe in the stuff, and though there were no mirrors nearby, you could feel your face had broken out with fur as well. When you pursed your lips together, it was like taking a bite out of a clump of feathers. So fluffy and soft.


When you squeezed your thighs together, there was no longer that clammy, sticky sensation you usually got when you were sweating there. Instead, it was just lightly damp, matted fur. Having a coat of fur like this made you actually feel…protected in a way. You were dressed lightly, to cope with the island weather, but to your surprise, the fur really didn’t make you feel that much hotter.


This was all very bizarre, to say the least.


Perhaps the most alarming thing of all happened next though…

Written by vanillametal on 05 February 2016

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