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At the theatre you find a number of other townsfolk gathered around a slim female with a dour expression, her ears folded back. As you get closer to the crowd you see they’re of variable ages, meaning the roles that require filling are spread over different ages.


“Now, we are looking to hire a few people to play some of our own Tigerfolk and some of the folk of other regions, such as snow leopards and Lionfolk,” the dour female says in a voice that carries over the assembled townsfolk. “You do not need to be very good at acting but you are required to practice often over the coming days. I will determine when you are ready to perform.”


With that the auditions begin and actors are chosen for a role based on their age and acting ability, as is normal. You are chosen for a role as one of the Snow Leopardfolk, a trader who visits the town the story occurs in. You are given a sheaf papers containing the script, your parts marked with a cross, and are told with everyone that a costume rehearsal will occur when everyone has had some practice.


After the picks you are all told to head home, which you do. You feel quite glad to now have something else to do each day, though you know you’ll need to do your daily chores all before going up to the theatre to practice.


The next morning as you’re leaving your house with your small basket of eggs you are intercepted by a couple of males pulling a wagon filled with packages, some with visible addresses. Ah, you think, these two must be from the reserve with your delivery. They hand your package over without much more than a nod before they move on to the next house. Shrugging, you quickly put your package in your kitchen and head up to the theatre, passing by the bakery on the way to drop off the eggs.

Written by green-eyedtiger on 14 August 2017


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