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Without a moment of hesitation, you decided to take up their offer, working even deeper in an industry than you had ever imagined yourself in. It took about three days to get you fully integrated into the new line of work, firstly introducing you to the new work environment tailored specifically to you. Computers lined the walls, glass paneled walls for various experiments to be held within, and a vast array of books lined the walls as if they were gilded scales.
You were absolutely thrilled by the endless wealth of knowledge before you. And even then it didn't fully encompass the excitement you felt when you saw the epic machinery filling the back room. Your choices were limitless as you saw an array of different parts and instructions which had filled your mind with countless possibilities. You spent the rest of your time In the company piecing together different combinations and end results. The possibilities aroused your mind beyond your own comprehension.
What will you do?

Written by Driftingdragon on 15 June 2020

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