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"We have to wait until morning, no sense leaving at night. It'll be a slaughter..."


"Yes, but if we leave in the cover of darkness, perhaps we'll make it farther on stealth."


"How stealthy can a massive feline be?"


"Watch out!"


The discussion was interrupted with a hollering below as a massive set of teeth turned around a corner, leading behind the rest of their own. The monster's mouth took up a majority of its face with rows and rows of teeth glittering in the pale moonlight.


"Arrghhhhhhaaaaaa!" He screamed, announcing his intentions. That is, his intentions to slaughter ever chakrat there.


Screams erupted around town. Lean-tos began to topple over. Traps were triggered, but they struggled to keep up with the flood of small, but vicious, unending waves.


"You!" You turn at the sudden voice. A finger jabbed at you. "Sneak out! We can't wait for a reprieve! Go now! Find out more!"You hesitate a mere moment, but then you nod and swivel around fleeing through the edges of town into the cover of night.


"I'll find something out... I promise..."

Written by Picklessauce69 on 24 May 2017

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