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“You know what. Haha! I’ve actually been thinking about something.” You started. “There are lots of problems going on here. I mean I’m seeing it all around, I don’t know… how much we could do to help with it but… I don’t know, people like you and I have been wronged in life, I think maybe we could work together, figure something out… To get power here in this newly created pack.”
“W-what!” She said, sounding pretty taken aback from your suggestion. “What do you mean… Like…” She was silent, unable to finish her sentence.
“Yes, we would stage a coup.” You said in far more obvious terms. “Would you be interested in that? I know I’m coming off kind of strong, but, there’s an elephant seal in the room here and we need to be able to lay things out as is. I know you’re real like that. I know you can be trustworthy, and I wanted to show you that you can trust me too.” You spoke to her with so much conviction that you were sure she was convinced.
“Let me be honest with you. I’ve been thinking about that myself.” She mentioned. “Like you said earlier, we’ve both been wronged in the past, and nowadays, it’s really hard to find people who are like that.” She continued. “Can I be honest with you as well, can you truly be one of my allies?” She asked. “Because, actually, the leader of the new pack was also thinking about doing something like that. Everyone’s in their own worlds so much to the point where they don’t even see what’s going on around them, even the leader of our old pack has been acting that way.” She explained.
At this point, you had found out a lot more than you had expected from the start, but by the time the conversation was over, you had seemed completely convinced that working with you would have been the right choice. “What do I need to do to help you? How can we help each other?” That was more than enough confirmation for you to begin your negotiations.
The two of you spent some hours chatting with each other about the solution, and after so long, you both ended up narrowing down your options.

Written by Drifting Dragon on 01 December 2023


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