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You look around as your room vanishes, the smooth white walls that were there seconds before fade away to nothing as a dense forest grows in their places. The scent of pine engulfs you as evergreens, ferns and moss grow where stone tiles had been. This change in scenery quickly becomes the least of your concerns as you realize that your own clothes, too, are fading to nothing!


Before you can do anything about your sudden nudity, three lumps begin to form at the base of your spine. Stretching out they soon become a trio of fluffy fox tails. As you watch, too startled to react, the fur starts to spread from the base of the tails. The fur moves down your legs, reshaping them as it progresses. Your feet soon shift, and you realize you're no longer standing flat on your feet, but only on the ball of each foot, your tails keeping you balanced.


You feel a chill down in your groin. You look down, and wish you hadn't as you realize something was missing, quickly inferring something had replaced it. Changes still travel through your body as the magic flows upward. Still looking downward, you shiver a bit as you see your stomach and side growing slimmer, and your hips growing wider, the fur still traveling upward, now reaching the bottom of your chest.


You gulp as the fur reaches your chest, part of you fearing what would happen, part of you not wishing to wait. Sure enough the fur is not flowing up your chest, but rather out from it, as a pair of large breasts grow out under the long orange fur.


The fur moves up to your shoulders, thinning and rounding them, quickly making you appear more feminine. It continues down your arms, smoothing them as the fur moves along. It isn't until it reaches your hands that the magic causes any major changes. Your fingers grow thicker, and a bit shorter, nails transforming into dull claws. There is an obvious paw-like quality about them, along with a more subtle femininity.


The fur continues to move up, reshaping your head. Your ears become pointed, shifting their way to the top of your head. Your nose and mouth merge and stretch out into a cute fox muzzle.


Looking over yourself, your three tails, muzzle, paws, breasts, you realize you've become a Kitsune A female Kitsune


As you look around you feel your tails tingling. You sense a sort of magic energy flowing into them from the forest surrounding you.


Written by Cryolu + catprog on 05 February 2012

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