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"A dragon, yes," the reptilian creature finished Daniel's sentence as it sat on its hind legs and rubbed his forepaws against his ear fins. "Also deaf potentially, is a blood-curdling scream how you greet everyone or are you in some sort of distress?" All Daniel could do was stare at the dragon that sat in front of him; the creature looked every bit like in the fantasy stories he had read when he was younger except instead of a picture this was in real life. Ocean blue scales glinted in the moonlight as its tail waved about lazily in the air, his eyes a stormy grey that took up the entire scalera save for reptilian slits for pupils that dilated slightly as it looked at him.


Daniel put the hand that had previously pointed at the dragon and put it against his head as he shook it, and for the first time since he had emerged from the water he realized that something was off about the way his skin felt against itself. His heart rate, which had just started to return to normal, spiked once again when he looked down at his hand and saw something far different than the human hand he was used to. He watched in shock as the three thick toes of a draconic forepaw wiggled when he told them too, the strange muscles underneath the bright amethyst scales flexed as the tip of one of the thick claws tapped against them. "This... this isn't real..." Daniel managed to say as his eyes traveled up the scaly forelimb where what used to be his elbow bent at an angle previously unnatural to him.


With the sudden realization the former human quickly became aware of other changes he had previously missed in his previous panicked state. The pain he realized he felt as he laid on his back had been because he had pinched a leathery wing between himself and the ground which immediately flared out as he bolted up onto his feet. The other dragon continued to sit and watch with a look of mild confusion and slight amusement as Daniel turned his longer neck around and gasped as he saw the tail attached to him that swayed with a motion he could feel all the way up his spine, then turned himself around in circles in an effort to see where it attached. Daniel heard the other dragon say something but he was so lost in his own self-discovery he didn't even understand what was said as he crawled over to the water's edge and looked down at his own reflection.


The face of a dragon stared back at Daniel from the surface of the water, emerald eyes blinking when he did as his gasp showed off his sharp fangs and thick tongue. Unlike the other dragon that was still watching him though he had a mane of black hair that was framed by a pair of white horns that swept back. "It can't be... I'm a dragon..." Daniel stammered as he brought a clawed forepaw up to his face just to see the reflection do the same. "How could something like this have possibly happened?!"


"Well when a girl dragon and boy dragon like each other very much they create an egg that you later hactched from," the blue-scaled dragon chided as it finally got up on all fours and padded over to the still distraught Daniel. "Seriously though you're starting to freak me out here. I'm beginning to wonder if it's possible to hit your head so hard on water that you have species amnesia? Of course I did see you take a dive pretty hard into the bay, so if you want I can go and get a doctor to come out here and take a look at you."


Daniel's head swam with questions as he listened to the other dragon talk, only to snap back to the present situation when he realized that it had stopped talking to await his response. "No... no I think I'm fine," he managed to say. He knew that no doctor, dragon or otherwise, would likely be able to solve his problem and such a story might rouse the wrong kind of suspicion. Somehow his teleporter had transported him to a different world where he now inhabited the body of a dragon, it would be up to him to find out not only why but how to reverse the situation.

Written by Serathin on 09 February 2017


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