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As you open the door and step through, the costumes come into view. You sigh when you see that you chose the female room. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like there’s any way to go back now. Regret would just hold you back, so you decide to just move on forward.


Now which one is the least female looking? You browse over the costumes before deciding on the parrot. The sword lying beside the costume also helps you make your decision. Surely whatever role it has you take on will be somewhat exciting.


You pick up the costume . The feathers on the well-made wings almost seem real. The costume feels like it just needs a spark of life to become animated.


The chest, while small, is noticeable compared to the other costumes. At least this one has arms unlike some of the others. The zipper on the back is down, almost as if it were inviting you to step into the costume.


You sit down on the bench in front of the costume and prepare to get into the suit. The seat sinks slightly and the alcoves holding the other costumes seal tight, denying you the opportunity to change your choice.


You delay no longer and step into the suit. It fits around you perfectly and comfortably and when you have it completely on the zipper moves on its own up the back, sealing you in tight. You flex your arms and legs. It doesn’t even feel like you’re wearing out of the ordinary at this point. This isn’t so bad.


When you put on the head, you hear something rattle behind you. You turned around and see that the zipper has fallen off the suit. You put your hands to the costume’s head and struggle to remove it, only to find it completely sealed. Strangely it feels more normal then before with just the suit.


You feel your body changing and shifting into the costume. The wind ruffles the feathers in the suit sending more new sensations every moment as the costume becomes your actual skin. You squirm uncomfortably as you feel your interior legs and arms merge with the costume’s so you now have avian limbs.


And speaking of avians limbs you can now control the wings on the back of the costume. Like the rest of your body, they feel completely natural though you're not sure you could trust yourself flying with them.


Your upper chest is next. You sigh looking over your latest change. You now have breasts and from the feeling between your legs you are female there as well.


You look down to see the rest of the room fading. The room now appears to be in the middle of the air, and underneath a large drop to the ocean. What is worse your feet are sinking into the floor, even as you try to pull your talons out.


What ever reservations about flying you had, it looks like you are going to have to try anyway.


The floor loses cohesion and you find yourself falling , looking quickly for a landing. There are a bunch of ships , a island or you could land in the ocean.

Written by on 30 November 2014

The end (for now)
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