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You thought for a moment about which dial you wanted to turn first. Of course, everyone expected you to be the one to turn it. They watched you as you made your decision. Honestly, it wasn’t that hard for you. Barley seemed like he was in the most trouble, the way he was strapped to the table, covered in colors, and also hurt from the crash, you figured that it’d be the best dial to start with.
It was unclear what would even happen when you touched the screen, nonetheless turn the dial. Everyone was feeling how thick the tension was- you could almost cut it with a knife as you reached towards Barley’s dial. Upon turning it, the screen quickly changed. It snapped in place and revealed you standing over Barley as he lay there. But for some reason, it didn’t really look like you.
Having transformed, you didn’t have a good idea of what exactly your face looked like- something seemed a bit off, but the other furs didn’t seem to catch the nuances of your features. Still, you could sense that something was particularly weird about the image.
Suddenly, you felt absolutely faint. A wave of exhaustion washed over you and you could feel yourself falling back. The last thing you could remember was feeling the others catching your body as you quickly lost consciousness. It almost felt like you were being teleported to some other transient world and when you came to, the horrors of what was on screen had become real life.
You were standing over Barley as he was tied to a table. The same colors you once saw- grainy on the screen- were now in full saturation. Fear gripped your stomach and the first thing you wondered to yourself was whether or not the others could see what was going on. Next, you were concerned about Barley. If you were here, was he also here too? The past almost seemed hazy to you- as if it were a dream. Still, you didn’t know what you were going to do about the situation unfolding before you.

Written by Drifting Dragon on 07 January 2022

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