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Say yes, the water makes you even more feminine. emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

"Alright..." you say as you ready your canteen, Marcus watching you eagerly as you look at him. He gives you a reassuring look.


"Im here for you..." he says gently, knowing this could be hard for you as you do not know what could happen.


"And you can help me how?" you ask sarcastically and immediately regret it as he has a sad look upon his face.


"I don't know that much about medicine or how it is possible to change genders, but I will offer what little help I can." He says and you sigh, closing your eyes as you bring the canteen to your mouth, drinking from it deeply and deciding to drink it all in one go. The water goes down your throat and for a couple of seconds you don't even breath as you drink it all. Pulling the canteen down and exhaling as you clean your lips you see Marcus observing you.


"and?" you say impatiently. "I don't feel any different!" you boldly declare and immediately regret it as a sharp pain in your thorax and abdomen are felt. You grab your belly and fall down, moaning as Marcus gasps, placing a hand on your shoulder as you feel your chest go out, becoming bigger by about a cup. You gather the strength to look up, seeing Marcus confused and not knowing what to do as your eyes meet. "Whats... ugh... happening." You somehow utter as you feel your entire being tingle, becoming slightly more slim.


"I... don't know." Marcus says as you feel the wave of change cross your body once more as you struggle to get up, Marcus thankfully helping you up as you sense the change slowly subsiding before stopping completely, being done with altering your body once more. Your head hurts like yesterday but you can survive it.


"What do I look like?" you ask Marcus eagerly as he examines you.


"You look... prettier... more feminine with bigger breasts." He calmly declares and you exhale, sighing as you realize that the plan was a failiour.


"Lets just... get to the summit." You say as you pick up your things and as you two proceed towards the said summit.

Written by Luksinatriks on 12 April 2018

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