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You ponder your options for a little bit longer, but once you are done, you feel confident about making up your mind. With a glance you look up at the hare taur one last time, his eyes almost seemed to pierce directly through you as he stood, anticipating what you were about to say.


“You don’t know what to do with me.” You said, this time in a more serious and cunning tone. He gave you a weird look, as if to question why you repeated yourself. The hare cleared his throat slightly, padding his paws nervous confusion before he was about to talk. Though you were having none of it when you continued to talk, disregarding what he was about to say. “And you pretend like you’re a smart taur.” You say, with a manipulative tone of voice. “I’ve clearly known about this for so long now, and I’ve let it continue.”
His mouth hung open, still unable to voice his opinion, and distracted by the crass tone of your voice. You paused for a moment, giving him some time to take this all in; your eye contact almost seemed to intimidate him as you lay there, unmoving, and never breaking your gaze. The anxiety began to fade once you began to realize you were gaining an upper hand.


“Yeah.. you say you’ve been watching me, but I’ve been watching you even more closely.” a glimmer in your eye begins to glisten as you start enjoying the feeling of detaching yourself from your previous reality. Like water you became more fluid with how you addressed him, and even yourself. “See, I knew you all would need my help, so I did.” you laugh. “The only reason why you all even got to this point was because of me alone.”


The fear began to spread throughout his face, his pupils widened as you spoke even more confidently.
“You all needed me, and now it’s about time you all realize how much help I’ve been for you. It’s about time you recognize your potential colleagues.” at that moment you had won him over fully. You were able to see it in his eyes, how he stared at you in shock at how well you had sold yourself.


“Well I guess they all were wrong about you.” He muttered, laughing slightly to himself as he uncrossed his arms and began to lift the heavy chains from your shoulders. The heavy weight of the chains lifting from your body made you feel almost as if you could fly once you had rose to your paws. Quickly, you dusted off the last bits of dirt from your shoulders before addressing the old man once again.


“Alright, now let’s continue the plan. After having eliminated the king and their heirs, what do you think the next step would be?” the two of you walked off into the distance, discussing the plans for finalizing their usurping, and overthrowing the crown once and for all.


You spent your time colluding with various heads of power from the neighboring kingdom, their extremely militaristic approach took awhile for you to get used to, though you appreciated their uses of all types of power. For an extended period of time, you learned how to work the system, perfecting the ways you manipulated those beneath you as you worked your way to higher positions from your intelligence.
You had provided them with important intel which allowed them to move the process along much smoother, and eventually even the people of their kingdom began to exalt you. It wasn’t until long before word spread among the commoners, landing you the title ‘Dark Phoenix Queen.” whereas your rule was healthily opposed, you eventually rose to such power that those who did would get what you believe to be ‘what they deserved’.
After almost a century of your rule, and the transition from kingdom to empire, and eventually gaining control of the other four kingdoms, a national holiday was granted in your honor.


During the first year your ceremony was held, millions of people flooded the streets to watch as you were gifted the highest honor, an event truly worth making a part of history. That day would have lived on for countless generations, all remembering the day you were gifted the divine outfit. The ceremony had begun with your deliverance of an epic speech, followed by the handing off of beautifully stitched silks, folded over itself neatly.


The silky fur felt opulent against your own, the crowd belted your name, cheering in awe as you walked gracefully across the platform, exiting the scene, and officially ending the ceremony. That evening a great banquet was held in your honor, and while people were away and distracted with the endless servings of a royal feast, you locked yourself away into your room, preparing yourself for your next adventure.
Unfurling the outfit before you, and beholding the power within, you can barely contain yourself as your wriggling body shuffled itself into the cloth.

Written by Driftingdragon on 17 March 2020

The end (for now)
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