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"Sure," you say, ignoring the little pun there. The dragon hops merrily over to the breadbox, pulls out a slice of white bread and points to a wall chart with a picture of a "raw" slice of bread marked 0 at one end and a lump of charcoal marked 10 at the other. In between are numbered pictures of toast in different states of scorchedness. You look at the pictures and ask for a number six.


"Okeydoke," says the dragon merrily. "Plate please." As you go to get a plate from the cupboard, the little dragon holds up the bread and proceeds to toast it with his fiery breath. After doing both sides almost perfectly he drops it on the plate and looks up with a draconic smile.


"There you are," he announces happily.



Written by Won-Tolla on 05 June 2007

The end (for now)

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