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your claws easily cut through the wood. with your newfound strength, you break away the splintered remains of the wall obstructing your path. you step outside, onto the edge of a high cliff.


rays of moonlight shine gently through the treetops. you turn around to find that the hole in the sky you had come through only seconds before has vanished into thin air.


as you become aware of your surroundings, your senses are able to pick up every detail, from the the clean mountain air filling your nostrils, to the wind rustling through the leaves, to the feeling of the cool granite under your feet. you look around, tree-covered mountain peaks expand in every direction.


a toothy grin stretches across your face as you realize you are free from that accursed room for at least a week.


after that, you decide to...

Written by Anonymous Writer on 10 October 2007

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