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The bright outside light helped you realize that your body had changed drastically. The flesh on your arms and legs appeared sun-dried, and speckled with dark patches of skin. The heat didn’t seem to bother you as much as before, though you can still feel the sweltering sun beating down on your newly modified skin. Your body adjusts itself to the weight of the heavy counterbalance of a tail swaying behind you, you take a moment to try controlling your new appendage, yet in the heat of the moment you just take in the unbelievable view before you.
Not long after, your frightened eyes begin to focus on the amazing city of Cairo, your mind began to race in panic as you considered the possibilities before you.
The city appeared to be constructed of several ancient buildings, forged with less advanced methods; yet the society appeared way more advanced than what you had initially perceived. Once you fully took in your environment, you prematurely noticed that you’re standing on a scaffolding hung high up on the outside of a half constructed pyramid of Giza.
You nearly lose your balance as well as your mind when you lean your head wearily over the edge of the enormous sloped structures before you. Voices in the distance began to catch your ear, causing them to perk up at the sound of a nearby worker.
“Look over there!” he stuck out a broken piece of wood towards you as he beckoned workers from nearby over to join in viewing. Moments felt like centuries as you stood there, overwhelmed by the speed of this situation. You look around, seeking any kind of quick escape route in a nearly impossible situation. Once the guards had spotted you, your fate was sealed, and several others from the ground were even preparing for your pursuit.
They pelt small crackling bomb-like objects at you, disorienting your vision as you tried to take cover behind the small dilapidated wooden railing. You watched as long flat wooden boards were shoved between the short gaps between the scaffolding. Many men were taking turns trying to crawl their way towards you from their side of the structures.

Written by Driftingdragon on 04 January 2020


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