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"Hello..." You speak, your voice trembling ever so slightly. Relaxing its outstretched arm, the gazelle woman fixes her stance and stands taller than you.


"You're human." She states matter of factly. This fact cannot be disputed. "And you're here." This is also a fact that would be extremely difficult to argue. "That's fascinating."


You're left not knowing quite how to respond. Your fear is beginning to fade and softly turn into curiosity. You also fix your stance to find that, even standing straight and tall, she is a head taller than you.


"This is fantastic. This is the moment we've been waiting for. It's finally here and you're the first to arrive! What is your name?"


Even in your gradually calming state you find yourself unable to give her a straight-faced response. You're having trouble not focusing on examining her form. She is, by all definition, naked, without external clothing or coverings save for a luxurious coat of fur. Regardless, her natural form is apparent upon even cursory examination.


"I see." She says, some disappointment detectable in her voice. "Then it was an accident, not a pilgrimage."


That doesn't make sense and yet again, you're left without response.


"The time where you will understand or at least find yourself home with purpose and meaning is coming. It's coming very very soon. I'll be seeing you sooner than you realize, brother in truth. Come find me when it's time. My name is Yhnhn."
When she speaks her name, it sounds very much like she is saying "Yin" like yin and yang, yet with a strange inflection as if ignoring the middle consonant.


Yhnhn steps aside and allows you to walk through the portal, which you find yourself doing the moment you detect that she genuinely means you no harm or that you are not in danger within her vicinity.


The strange blue glow accepts you as you step back into the portal.

Written by Martin Prance on 10 February 2016

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