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"So what has been scrambling your data, anyway?" Jake gently rubbed at the fur atop Daniel's thigh. "Don't suppose a night out at Denny's would help?"


Daniel would spend the entire drive out of town pondering how Jake got away wedged between Pammy and herself in the back seat. To her credit, she did not immediately snap the hand tickling her fur. Such light contact stimulated the many fine fibers, causing her legs to shift before she could stop it. This did not escape Jake's notice judging by his grin, but when his fingers tried to slide a little further in, they were promptly plucked off by Daniel's thicker paws.


"I'm having enough nightmares fragmenting my data without pondering a night alone with a furry."


Where the heck had that come from? Every time Daniel let herself go into autopilot she seemed keen to assert dominance over anyone's crap. Having everything come second nature and unfamiliar at the same time was so surreal. It must have been that mixed with the cute animal face that made her so endearing though, as everyone treated her slam with a hearty laugh. Jake simply shrugged and sat back to await the next opportunity for some flirting.


"Oh snap! There she is," David decelerated as the complex rolled over the horizon into view. "You sure it's abandoned? That fence looks new."


"We're fine," Gasson reassured everyone's worries. "There's no one around but squatters and coyotes. They probably got some guards that come every week to drive around."


"If you say so."


With that, David turned off into a dirt path. This took them to a locked entrance on the far side not easily seen from the main road. No one was quick to get out once they had arrived either.




Everyone jumped and whirled to look at Daniel. She, in turn, slammed her car door to prevent Jake from exiting out her side. Damn bastard seized the chance to stroke her tail on her way out, being damn lucky not to have received a kick to the face for his effort.


Written by DesmondFallout on 21 October 2018

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