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The genie appears and says "You are becoming a Gabumon. To determine your gender and amount of humanity reaming beyond here lies 8 doors"


The 4 forms are:
-Taur(Satyr for 2-legged,Like a centaur for 4-legged(Garurumon))
-Humanoid (Human sized anthro version)
-Satyr(2 legged. Below the waist changed)


(All clues are for the Garurumon form)


1.No one has their mate next to them.


2.Each of the 4 forms has an odd numbed door.


3.2 & 4 have 2 & 4 legs respectively.


4.If the satyr male is an even door then the Humanoid male is an odd numbed door


5.8 & 1 are the same form


6.At least 1 male is between 2 females


7.4 & 6 have 4 & 6 limbs respectively.


8.2 Males are even numbed doors


9.If 7 is a female then and only then is 8 female


10. If door number 5 is male then so is number 4

Written by catprog on 11 February 2007

Both Door #1
Both Door #2
Both Door #3
Both Door #4
Both Door #5
Both Door #6
Female Door #7
Both Door #8
Male Door #7