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As you press the COMPLETE button you hear a voice from the screen say "After the transformation you will retain the ability to speak because the Nanites will modify your new form to allow it, you will also age at the same rate as a human"
When it Finishes speaking a sharp needle comes out of the side of the screen and quickly injects you with a gray liquid, you let out a yelp when it injects you. A few moments after the injection you begin to feel your body changing, reddish orange fur begins to cover your body; your face starts to stretch into a snout and your body begins to shrink.


Your Nose turns black and your ears move further up your head, your ankles bend and twist into a digitigrade form; your shoulders crack and snap as they modify themselves to allow you four-legged movement. Your underside begins to sprout multiple nipples and you feel your groin being pulled into your body, as soon as it is fully in you can feel the new female organs forming.


The Transformation is complete, but when you notice that not only you chose full fox transformation but Jake did to except he didn't choose the female option, you let out a small squeal and Jake quickly turns towards you. He says "Hey Dan.... Well I guess i should call you Danielle now"


You Say.........

Written by Draiko on 05 April 2009

The end (for now)
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