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Edward slipped past another resident who was on their way to the mess hall. The corridors in the sanctuary were very thin, only barely big enough for two men to fit through at once. If you pressed yourself against the wall, you would be able to take moderate cover behind the metal ribs that lined the wall. A Radinri, with their bulky tauric form, would, however, be able to find no such cover.


These thoughts and more were going through Edwards head when he rounded a corner and ran straight into Commander Gerald Oleson. This was a big deal, due to the fact that Gerald Oleson was the current leader of the Holocaust.


Edward mumbled out an apology and went to pass the commander, but Gerald stopped him. "I've been looking for you, Edward." he said gruffly.


"Sir, I was just going to bed." Edward responded.


"I'm afraid that your bed is going to have to wait just a little bit longer." the Commander said as they began walking down the hallway. "I've got something very important to show you."

Written by neonsilver on 11 September 2015

The end (for now)

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