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You slip on a costume which seems to be part of a two person lion costume. However, the moment you get it on up to your waist, it suddenly seems to come alive and it fuses with your waistline! You struggle to try to get it free, but it takes mere seconds for your flailing legs to become the flailing forepaws of a lion and you tumble over. You're forced to simply lie there as you feel the costume become alive, part of you, slowly making you a liontaur. It's certainly a strange sensation, but the strangest of all is when the lioness's femaleness becomes part of you and you're flooded with a strange feeling of feminine pleasure. You blush brightly as you realize your lower body, no, your entire body is feeling turned on as a lioness! To make matters worse, your shirt suddenly begins to feel quite snug and you look down in time to see a perfect pair of C-cup breasts swell to life beneath your shirt. Within seconds your entire human torso has become feminine, making you a rather attractive looking young liontauress.

Written by LorikFurdin on 12 June 2008

The end (for now)
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