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Despite feeling comfort here in your pack. There seemed to be something about your adventurous spirit that made you want to explore even more. You couldn’t seem to get the idea of what you had lied about out of your mind and somehow that seemed to keep you from getting particularly close to them. Regardless, that made it just that much easier for you to be as aloof as you were.
Of course, some of them saw you as a true savior and prophet of the group, so you were respected, but you were always kind of reclusive. One day, you had decided to go exploring in some of the other caverns nearby. You had known about them ever since you first arrived, but once you had gotten comfortable with the amount of food and quality of life you lived out here in the ocean swimming above what seemed like an endless void, your spirit for adventure never ceased to bug you upon your day-to-day.

Written by Drifting Dragon on 23 September 2023

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