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“I should get some stuff online?” Dan asked, rubbing a paw to pet the black fur on his other arm.


“Ignore them. I get looked at all the time! It's a part of being a girl.” Pam said raising another shirt from the spinning rack and placing it up against her.


“But I'm new to this.” Dan muttered, not please with her answer. Pam shook her head and placed the shirt back with its similar looking friends.


“Being a girl as nothing to do with it!” Jake protested. “Your a fursona's dream come true!” A light flashed blinding Dan.


“Hey!” Dan protested. Rubbing his eyes to free him from the light show that the sudden flash caused him.


“Sorry! Don't know why it went off now.” Jake waved a hand in apology but his eyes were glued to his phone. “I've been doing this all morning without problems.” Jake spoke into his phone, hitting buttons and typing god know what to whom.


“What are you doing?” Gassen asked leaning over his shoulder.


“You never get stared at like Dan is now.” David stated while flicking through his own phone, bored.


“I'm a cheerleader. Of course, I do.” Pam flicked her hair over her shoulders in a show of confidence.


“Pfft,” David snorted. “In your delusions maybe.”


“Posting pictures on my website.” Jake spoke with pride. Showing off his phone to Gassen.


“The dream is real?” Gassen asked brows scrunched in confusion.


“Yup, Dan is proof. That one day we can all live our dreams.” Jake said, “ I've gotten over a thousand comments so far!”


“A thousand?” Dan whispered.


“Yeah! We're going viral buddy!” Jake clicked a picture of Dan's face. “Skunkataur is going to be big!”


“Big?” Gassen asked as stunned as Dan, meaning Pam and David were trapped in their petty fighting.


“Are you saying I'm not pretty!” Pam shouted, bringing everyone and that including the other people in the store.


“You're doable but face it Pam the other cheerleaders are prettier. That's why you didn't show at my teams swim meet.” David snapped his phone shut. “Or it's that stuck up attitude is what getting you less cheer time.”


“I couldn't go! Sarah wanted to cheer for her boyfriend. You know that!” Pam walked around the rack and confronted David.


“Apparently I don't mean enough to you then.” David snide, “Number two swimmer isn't worth the effort.”


“He would be if he balls up and asked!” Pam yelled and stormed out of the store.

Written by psto146 on 27 April 2019

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