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After a few rounds of dancing wonderment, you decide to leave off the arcade and hit the rest of the mall.


"Good game, good game," you say to the wild-haired lad next to you, shaking his hand (the feel of your three fingers making him cringe in surprise.) "What's your name?"


"Um... T...J?" He says.


"Good game, then TJ good game," you finish. Putting the shades back down and the rest of your tokens into TJ's hands, you turn from off the pad, and put the flashing colored lights, clinks and beeps of the arcade mostly behind you... to face a living wall of rambunctious, scab-kneed, field-scarred Pokemon trainers all goggling at you, measuring you, trying to gage your type. "Anyone got a Pokedex?" you hear someone say. No one seems to.


You start to wonder about your choice to come to Cerulean as Mewtwo. Sure, you can help yourself to anything in the mall... but it weighs a little heavily on your conscience (although you *will* be keeping the jacket and shades), and you've started to attract a bit more attention than you'd bargained for. You head out into the main area of the mall, maybe fifty trainers all backing away cautiously, still analyzing you. You can't see which store you'd like to enter next with all these people; now civilians are joining in the rubbernecking. This is getting uncomfortable. You rub a horn thoughtfully.


"I'm sorry to have caused you folks trouble--"






The trainers are rushing you! Closing in on all sides, pokeballs appearing in their fists, they're fighting to get you first.


"HOLD IT!!" Yells a security guard. Everyone stops. You clear your psychic throat.


"Um, Mr.Guard, I'm sorry to have caused--"


"If you boys wanna catch this Pokemon, you do it in the Mall Arena! I won't have you tearing this place down!"




"TO THE ARENA!!!" Before you know it, you're herded off.

Written by Mr.Peaches on 30 July 2006

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