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Shortly after the family disperses, you decide to wander towards the decrepit arching pathway leading downwards. Spiral staircases curved in a large wide angle; the horizontal corridor was thick enough for your bipedal body to comfortably descend the cold the cold steel beneath your feet. It almost seemed sharp as your weight shifted past the steep bars as you descended. The wall next to you helps guide you down as your fingertips brush past the masonry as your vision begins to adjust to the darkness.
The inky blackness below engulfed you as you descend to the bottom of the thin cylindrical chambers. You look around, to find a hallway leading deeper into the tunnels. Who knows how deep you are, the countless stairs failed to stick in your head as their numerous stone surfaces hang high above your head.
Suddenly a form appears in the doorway. Who could it be?

Written by Driftingdragon on 06 March 2020

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