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You were ignorant to the fact of nature, and no matter how hard it pulled you back in, you always found yourself fighting it off once more. Once with a quick jerk, then a slight groan, your eyes burned the longer they stayed awake, and your body felt like it was melting into the bed like butter as you noticed every curve of the bed’s softness caressing your body, pulling you in even more.
“Wait… No…” The high pitched echo of your own bark filled your ears as you spoke aloud. “I can’t… Not yet.” You continued before nearly leaping out of your bed with enough power to launch you out of your seat. Almost immediately you began to stumble out of the door and down the hallway into the main lobby where the meeting was held. “This was where it said it was.” You expressed between pants as you hurried out.
Subtle voices could be heard chattering just past the hallway as you neared the final door to the meeting lobby and you could feel the anxiety building up in your stomach just before you pushed past the large double door. Like an explosion, you barreled through the arbor, and it rocked back and forth on its two way hinges as if it were screaming in agony from the force of your dynamic entry.
Almost instantly, you stumbled through the doorway, and everyone’s eyes turned to you. You could feel your face turning flushed and red as you watched everyone sitting neatly, lined up, and participating as usual in the orientation. Dozens of other individuals- potentially your colleagues, customers, and many more were in attendance, and you had screwed up your first impression.
“Uhh. Wait… Maybe uhh…” You stumbled for the words as the speaker cut to silence, everyone’s scowled faces were enraged and searing at you for interrupting their ceremony.
“Can we help you? If you’re here for orientation there’s a strict time-readiness policy… We need that here for our workers if they’ll be on the clock 24/7” In that moment, all you wanted to do was save yourself from embarrassment; you came up with the first lie that could pop into your mind.
“Wrong building. Sorry!” You slammed the door behind you and made your way outside in an anxiety-driven haze. Somehow outside of your memory or knowledge, you ended up outside in your hysteria.

Written by DriftingDragon on 18 July 2021

Both Fall asleep

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